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Brandon & Karina's Trailer

It's all about the light...


Josh & Eliza - Utah Wedding Video

Josh & Eliza are so much fun and definitely easy on the eyes. Talk about making my job a piece of cake! Had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Brooke Davis from Blush Photography so it was just awesome all the way around.


Andy & Jacki's Same Day Edit

Jacki loves candids and wanted something a little different, so that's what we captured! Easy to film a bride when she's a photographer (http://jackistoddard.blogspot.com/) and knows what she wants. What's even better is that she trusts the professionals she's hired and we really had so much fun. Today was just about perfect - 55 degrees in February sounds great to me!!!

What you see on the outside isn't always the full story. The wedding video shows a beautiful couple having the time of their lives. Jacki's mother died from breast cancer and her father was killed in an accident (that's why you don't see them in the video) and Andi had food poisoning so we had to stop filming several times for him to try and throw up (that's why there are a bunch of shots of Jacki by herself.) Jacki & Andy could have focused on the negative yesterday, but instead chose happiness with the cards they had been dealt. They chose the song "Good Life" because that's what they make it. Remember - what you focus on expands, so focus on what you want. Hats off to Andy and Jacki! 

Special shout out to Abbey from akstudiodesign.com. She was so great to work with today and took some amazing images they had up at the reception. In fact, people were asking if we were a team. Great to work with vendors who are professional and want to help others succeed so the bride can get what she wants. Thanks!

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Brady & Missy's underwater reception...

Here's a short highlight from the final video. Brady & Missy were so much fun!! On top of that we were working the fabulous Lindsey from Lindsey Shaun Photography! Yep, just about a perfect day... except for the gale force winds that hit the reception. Did it slow this group down? Ha! Check it out!

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Michael Lucarelli performs "Classical Gas"

This song, as performed by Michael Lucarelli, is one of my all time favorite guitar pieces. After editing this song, I just kept humming it all day long.

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