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Tim and Grace's First Look Salt Lake Temple

OK, these two are just the most adorable couple. I want to just hug them! I love this video because it is full of love and light. (That's my family motto, "Love and Light")

If I ever feel a little down or overwhelmed I come and watch my videos on my blog and it makes me instantly happy to see couples like Tim and Grace full of joy and happiness. Life isn't easy and it's definitely not a bed of roses, but there are moments like this that make it all worth it!

My goal is to capture those moments so we can focus on these good times and be reminded that there is a Father in Heaven who loves us and we will feel this way (x's one million) when we are in His presence :).


Taelor & Cade's Same Day Edit Salt Lake Temple

Taelor & Cade are just perfect for each other plus their families are so much fun :) Cade surprised Taelor by writing and performing a song at their reception. This guy has some serious skills :) You might even know about his amazing company: twigswoodwear.com/
Perfect day for these two lovebirds and I'm thankful I got to join in the fun :)

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Drew Holcomb and the Neighbours: I like to be me when I'm with you 


McKale & Kurt's Pre Wedding Shoot + Same Day Edit


McKale & Kurt have this incredible light coming from them that it's just a pleasure to hang out with them. They are so positive and grateful for everything and everyone in their lives that it inspires me to be a better person. Today was so much fun, especially since Kristina Curtis from www.kristinacurtisphotography.com was there for the fun. She's just so great to have around the wedding day - super nice and also talented.

I am full of gratitude that I have been so blessed to capture one of the most important days in a bride and groom's life and I get to hang out with positive and happy people. I just eat it up :)


Chris & Steph's Pre Wedding Shoot

Chris and Steph have a really soft love that is perfectly surrounded with blossoms. This is the kind of video I love doing - very subtle yet powerful. It's all the little things that matter and a video shows the small smiles, tender hugs and little nuances that nothing else can share. These are the kinds of moments that you can't explain to your future children and they really need to see it to experience it... and they will :)


Jordan & Kevin's First Look // Salt Lake Temple

People ask me if I get burned out shooting weddings for the past 13 years.

It's just the opposite. That's what has kept me young.
How can you get tired of seeing the look on a couples face when they see each other for the first time in their wedding attire? It reaffirms that there is still hope, love and goodness in this crazy world of ours.

Bring it!

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Alex & Amanda's First Look // SLC Temple + This is the Place Park

Oh how I love the Darrow Family!! This is their third wedding I've been so lucky to film and it's like being with family :). I've filmed many of their friends weddings as well (shout out to Jordan and Eden at the temple today) so it's good times all around. I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people. People ask me to tell them "Bridezilla" stories, but you know what? I don't have any. I film super cool people and their friends are all super cool as well. Kind of nice to be caught in that market ;).

The reception tonight is at This is The Place Heritage Park so we shot at the park as well as at the temple for the pre wedding shoot. Loved Alex's text about the first look "I had no idea that's the face I made when I saw her. Priceless!"

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6 am Wedding Day First Look // Salt Lake Temple

Ali and Jon made me a believer. Morning shoots are amazing for lighting! They wanted their first look to be the day of their wedding so we filmed them prior to going into the temple then captured their family shots when they came out. Congrats you love birds!!!

Shout out to Dave Labrum from www.davelabrumphotography.com for telling Ali and Jon about me and for being so great to work with.

Song by One Republic (Licensed via www.songfreedom.com). Love that the song mentions 6 on the clock because this took place at 6 AM :)


Marlies and Dillon's Same Day Edit // Salt Lake Temple

Marlies and Dillon have known each other since 9th grade and they are definitely perfect for each other. She had a crush on Dillon while at the same time Dillon was writing Marlies' name in all the dictionaries next to the word "cute". It took a few years for them to figure it out, but they finally started dating right before Dillon went on his mission to Asia. From his mission, Dillon wrote Marlies a letter in Cambodian and upon his return home he transalted it for her to let her know he loved her. She felt the same way and now they are married :)

Marlies' dress was made by her grandmother and patterned after an Anthropologie dress. Love it!

Special thanks to Heather Telford for being such a great photographer to hang with today :)

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Spring First Look // Salt Lake Temple

Madeline and Zach are getting married tomorrow, but their video is already half way done :)

Filming prior to the wedding is a way for you two to have your own time together. I had no idea until I was married how insane it gets the last couple weeks before the wedding and of course the wedding day. I had to take a break with my fiance from everything just to catch our breath and remember WHY we were getting married.

A pre shoot is a great time to do that. We take our time to get some amazing shots and really just enjoy the break from everything. When I film it's really just hanging out capturing candid moments and it's actually fun and relaxing. Fortunately for me I have a very easy going personality and often receive comments from brides that I help them relax and just be themselves. That's probably because the most important thing to me at a wedding is that you enjoy your wedding. It's not the video, nor the pictures, nor the cake or anything else. It's your experience! Everything else will fall into place if you focus on the reason WHY you are getting married and surround yourself with others who do the same.

I absolutely love filming and enjoying the experience of the day and you should too!

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Coleton + Sarah's Date Video/Wedding Day Teaser

Today was just heaven with the snowfall. I wish every winter wedding could look like this :). I threw in some shots from their date film and tonight's reception as well. Had so much fun today with Coleton and Sarah!!

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