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Brice & Vanessa's Pre Wedding Shoot

My sweet cousin Vanessa was married to Brice this past Saturday in the Rexburg, ID temple and this is a clip from the pre wedding shoot. Lot's of meaningful stuff in here. The Rexburg Tabernacle (where Vanessa slides down the rail) couldn't be dedicated when it was built back in 1911 because there was still a balance due on the property. When our great grandfather was approached by the church to help raise funds, he paid the remaining balance in full. The big room where they are dancing was where my grandmother use to roller skate as a child and Vanessa's necklace was a gift from my grandmother to her grandmother. The dress and bouquet were made by Vanessa's mom (wow!). In the bouquet are broaches and jewelry from our grandparents. This is a shortened version of the original video cut to this song by Tyrone and Elina which I love :)

"All I Want" by Tyrone and Elina
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