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Kade and Hannah's First Look / Logan Temple

Congratulations Kade and Hannah!!! Normally when I film this time of year in Logan it's freezing, but it was gorgeous this year. God must be smiling on you :). Special thanks to Cascio Photography !. Love working with you :).


Kip & Hannah's Pre Shoot Teaser


Kip & Hannah wanted to film in the mountains as well as the temple for their pre shoot so we headed up above Sundance along the Alpine loop. Gorgeous day and these two are perfect for each other. Love the flowers and working with Kristina Curtis from http://www.kristinacurtisphotography.com/ was a dream as usual :)


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Kaitlyn + Justin's Teaser // Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Kaitlyn + Justin // Teaser from David Perry on Vimeo.

Some of the craziest wind is at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in South Jordan (The city was originally named "Gale"). Take a look at Kaitlyn and Justin's Teaser to see why I absolutely love filming in the wind. I'm always looking for motion and movement and this is one of the biggest differences from photography.

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Alex & Amanda's First Look // SLC Temple + This is the Place Park

Oh how I love the Darrow Family!! This is their third wedding I've been so lucky to film and it's like being with family :). I've filmed many of their friends weddings as well (shout out to Jordan and Eden at the temple today) so it's good times all around. I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people. People ask me to tell them "Bridezilla" stories, but you know what? I don't have any. I film super cool people and their friends are all super cool as well. Kind of nice to be caught in that market ;).

The reception tonight is at This is The Place Heritage Park so we shot at the park as well as at the temple for the pre wedding shoot. Loved Alex's text about the first look "I had no idea that's the face I made when I saw her. Priceless!"

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Spring First Look // Salt Lake Temple

Madeline and Zach are getting married tomorrow, but their video is already half way done :)

Filming prior to the wedding is a way for you two to have your own time together. I had no idea until I was married how insane it gets the last couple weeks before the wedding and of course the wedding day. I had to take a break with my fiance from everything just to catch our breath and remember WHY we were getting married.

A pre shoot is a great time to do that. We take our time to get some amazing shots and really just enjoy the break from everything. When I film it's really just hanging out capturing candid moments and it's actually fun and relaxing. Fortunately for me I have a very easy going personality and often receive comments from brides that I help them relax and just be themselves. That's probably because the most important thing to me at a wedding is that you enjoy your wedding. It's not the video, nor the pictures, nor the cake or anything else. It's your experience! Everything else will fall into place if you focus on the reason WHY you are getting married and surround yourself with others who do the same.

I absolutely love filming and enjoying the experience of the day and you should too!

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Jared + Eden's Teaser // Manti Temple


Jared & Eden are an amazing example of temple marriage. They are both so giving and centered on Jesus Christ and I felt honored to film their wedding.
Check out the new park below which was just stunning for the video!
Elder Holland talks about the importance of the temple and staying pure.
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Brice & Vanessa's Pre Wedding Shoot

My sweet cousin Vanessa was married to Brice this past Saturday in the Rexburg, ID temple and this is a clip from the pre wedding shoot. Lot's of meaningful stuff in here. The Rexburg Tabernacle (where Vanessa slides down the rail) couldn't be dedicated when it was built back in 1911 because there was still a balance due on the property. When our great grandfather was approached by the church to help raise funds, he paid the remaining balance in full. The big room where they are dancing was where my grandmother use to roller skate as a child and Vanessa's necklace was a gift from my grandmother to her grandmother. The dress and bouquet were made by Vanessa's mom (wow!). In the bouquet are broaches and jewelry from our grandparents. This is a shortened version of the original video cut to this song by Tyrone and Elina which I love :)

"All I Want" by Tyrone and Elina
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Josh & Eliza - Utah Wedding Video

Josh & Eliza are so much fun and definitely easy on the eyes. Talk about making my job a piece of cake! Had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Brooke Davis from Blush Photography so it was just awesome all the way around.