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Annie + Brad's Same Day Edit // Orlando Temple

Brad and Annie are the coolest! I just love seeing two people over the top excited to get married and to have some fun in the process :).

Fun info from the wedding:
Annie sewed a heart on the back of Brad's tie, Brad gave Annie a surprise gift while we were filming the first look before they went in for their sealing, Annie gave Brad an "Ellie Pin" (grape soda pin from the movie "Up!") which is "the highest honor one can bestow." all the suits were purchased for the same price if they would have rented tuxedos, Brad and Annie have known each other for ten years, It was 93 degrees today, Brad and Annie were sealed by the temple president who is being released in a few weeks so this was his very last sealing as temple president, I got to attend the sealing :), lucky to work with the photographer Dallas Graham who has an incredible project you can check out at http://redfredproject.com/dallas-graham/, Brad has Superman cuff links, and this video isn't the actual video. The real video is set to a different song and is longer but you have to come to the reception to see it ;).

I love being around happy people. I love filming happy people and I love watching videos about happy people. This video definitely qualifies for the happy category :).