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Gregg & Alyssa / Salt Lake Temple First Look

Alyssa is literally a Disney princess and was proposed to in Disney World. After my custom crafted Disney intro, be sure to watch for Disney clues in their first look :)


Bryce + Kayla Harper / San Diego Temple First Look

Grateful to know Bryce and Kayla Harper and to be there on their romantic rainy day. So impressed with their kindness to me as I felt included and appreciated.

Here are a few articles about their wedding:

Federal Baseball

USA Today

Deseret News


London and Palomino's Same Day Edit / Timp Temple + Thanksgiving Point

London's mother made Paloma's wedding gown. Amazing!

Song is "Brand New Day" by Anthem Academy.
Music Licensed via www.songfreedom.com


Tyler and Summer Haws Same Day Edit / Draper Temple


Kenny and Morgan's First Look / Ogden Temple


Milo and Anna / Draper Temple


Jon and Lindsay's First Look

Oh how we love the wind :) For real! You can't help but get swepted away with how Jon and Lindsay look at each other. It's a beautiful thing when two people are perfect for each other and they really embrace that. Honored to be part of the big day!!


Carson and Kara First Look Salt Lake Temple

And yet another amazing wedding today!!! You might have heard of the world famous wrestler Carson Kuhn ... National Champ, three state championships (undefeated all three years), USA world team. Well, it looks like someone finally took him out... Kara Smack. 

I filmed Carson twelve years ago in his neighbors wedding video (his sister went on to marry the bride's brother) and he still remember that video and had several special requests to have put in the film - try to guess what they are :).

Both Carson and Kara served missions and wanted their mission name badges in the film and Kara surprised Carson with some patriotic shoes for the first look -  so lot's of little details to make their wedding film unique to them.

Caron's uncle Nathan Ivie was so great to shoot with and is just an awesome guy. Check out his work at http://www.nathaniviephotography.com/

This song from www.themusicbed.com was just perfect for them! "You Are Mine feat. Spencer Combs & Holley Maher" by Secret Nation



Matt and Sarah's First Look Salt Lake Temple

Matt and Sarah have been dating nine years and it looks like it was worth the wait :). Super emotional first look and one of the most gorgeous days of the fall - everything was just perfect!

Matt is a photographer (www.mattchristensenphotography.com) so we go way back shooting weddings together and it was so nice to hang out with great friends, including Kelly Sansom from www.galleryphotography.com who is one of the funnest photographers out there. Always a party :)

The song "All This Time" fits perfectly to their long journey. Licensed via www.songfreedom.com.

Since today is the official wedding day..... enjoy their pre wedding film :)


Judson and Diana's First Look Salt Lake Temple

Last year I took my family on a LDS church history tour. While touring the Peter Whitmer Home near Palmyra, NY I met two sister missionaries. I had just filmed in the Sacred Grove the door before and showed them that clip on my iPhone and they started following my work.
Fast forward 11 months and I'm filming Sister Johnson's wedding! Even more interesting is that Judson (Elder Stoddard) was a missionary in the same mission at the same time. It's really amazing how when we follow God, He leads us to wonderful places :).