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Tanner and Tobee / Salt Lake Temple + Albion Basin First Look

Here's something a little different and fun. You gotta love a first look on a motorcycle and then head up to the mountains to mix it up even more.


"Life in Color' One Republic
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Jared + Eden's Teaser // Manti Temple


Jared & Eden are an amazing example of temple marriage. They are both so giving and centered on Jesus Christ and I felt honored to film their wedding.
Check out the new park below which was just stunning for the video!
Elder Holland talks about the importance of the temple and staying pure.
Music is by Stop Motion Poetry "A Walk Outside" licensed thru www.songfreedom.com.



Brice & Vanessa's Pre Wedding Shoot

My sweet cousin Vanessa was married to Brice this past Saturday in the Rexburg, ID temple and this is a clip from the pre wedding shoot. Lot's of meaningful stuff in here. The Rexburg Tabernacle (where Vanessa slides down the rail) couldn't be dedicated when it was built back in 1911 because there was still a balance due on the property. When our great grandfather was approached by the church to help raise funds, he paid the remaining balance in full. The big room where they are dancing was where my grandmother use to roller skate as a child and Vanessa's necklace was a gift from my grandmother to her grandmother. The dress and bouquet were made by Vanessa's mom (wow!). In the bouquet are broaches and jewelry from our grandparents. This is a shortened version of the original video cut to this song by Tyrone and Elina which I love :)

"All I Want" by Tyrone and Elina
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Fun Wedding! Jared + Kelli


Candids and braids. Check out how a wedding can be one of the most enjoyable days of your life. Love it!!

Shout out to the most amazing Kate Benson from www.katebensonphotography.com who is always a blast to have out on your wedding day :)

Colbie Calliat
"Brighter than the Sun"
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Mindy Gledhill
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Fortress of Love... Heidi + Mark

The Draper temple seems to be a constant wind tunnel, which actually is great for video. Motion picture film studios pay for huge fans to be brought in to create this kind of look, but today it was free thanks to Mother Nature :).

Heidi and Mark were great to hang out with. They are so comfortable with each other and just really cool people. I love it when couples have a sense of humor about life and don't stress over the little things. I think that is key in having a successful marriage, which I'm sure this two will have.

Heidi wanted to keep the temple film more on the spiritual side with "I Love to See the Temple" being their soundtrack for this same day edit. It is amazing how much effort, sacrifice and determination goes into being sealed in the temple. It's a choice of staying focused on what matters most and living in a way that is an expression of service to your spouse, your future children and really all those around you. I love how the Draper temple looks like a fortress and I guess it actually is. A place to step away from one's concerns and busy life, to meditate and catch your breath while focusing on the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Great work you two and thanks for letting me come along for a wonderful day at the Draper Temple.