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Daniel & Savana's First Look // Bountiful Temple

Daniel and Savana are so perfect for each other. I love that prayer and inspiration are a huge part of their relationship and it's easy to see God's hand in their lives. I filmed Daniel's sister Camille's wedding in December and it feels like I've been adopted into their family. I was so grateful to attend their sealing and it was so beautiful, peaceful and a spiritual experience for me. I love the temple and the blessings that come from the temple as it has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. Every time I attend I leave feeling peaceful, hopeful and full of love for others :)

Although I didn't film their wedding dinner, they invited me and my wife to attend as guests and it was a wonderful evening. Savana's brother made me laugh with his toast. Savana comes from a small town (Tabiona, UT) and he mentioned that being from a small town they always have to approve of their sisters date. They were waiting for Daniel to arrive with Savana to visit the family for the first time and when Daniel stepped out of the car and they saw how big he is, they walked right up and said, "Welcome to the family!" ha ha.

We sat at the same table as Camille (Daniel's sister) and her husband Logan Laycock. I've filmed Logan's sister's wedding as well (that's how Daniel's family found me)and his parents were also at our table with whom we had a wonderful conversation. It turns out that their great something grandfather is John Taylor and my great something grandfather's are John Solomon Fullmer and William Riley Cole who knew John Taylor very well. In fact, they were both there when Joseph Smith and the others went to Carthage Jail and were later martyred. I wonder if they were aware of our little chat that evening :).

So grateful for the Lord's tender mercies that bring wonderful people into my life, especially Daniel and Savana. Hope this video captures how special they are for each other as well as the blessing of the temple and our ancestors.

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