Michael Lucarelli at the Cathedral of the Madeleine

Michael Lucarelli is the most talented guitarist that I know and in a setting like the Cathedral of the Madeleine his music is truly amazing.


Canada in July

This is a B&B up at Quadra Island in BC, CANADA. For their promo clip, I wanted to capture the feeling of the area - relaxing, natural and beautiful. I watch this video clip just to take a break and breathe.


You will make the world a better place.

I came across this beautiful video of President Dieter Uchtdorf addressing the Relief Society last year.

We are all creative and by being who we truly are and sharing that gift, we will make this world a better place!


Reflections of Christ


Lisa Olson, Tribune

You absolutely have to see this gallery. Mark from Mark Mabry Studios and Cameron from Cameron Trejo Filmsput together this presentation on Christ using photography of live actors and it lis ife changing.

Absolutely stunning.

This is a link to the video on the photograph of the angels:

And this is the official blog:

I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and loves all his children. My prayer is my work, in some small way, can also reflect the beauty, love and mercy of Christ.

Thanks Mark, Cameron and all those who helped with project.

God bless!


UPVA Awards


Tonight was the 2006 UPVA Award Ceremony for our videos we entered last year. Out of ten categories, I won nine 1st place awards and one 2nd place award.

The way these awards were judged was really exciting and also the reason they were a little late in getting awarded. We have spent the last five months producing a website where all of the videos that entered were placed to be judged. Professional videographers from all over the country were invited to judge the videos on seven different criteria by logging on to this website with their assigned password. They were also able to give feedback on each video they viewed. Special thanks to Giant Brothers Media for making this possible!

I think this marks a sign of things to come in the judging process not only for our organization, but others nationwide as well. This means that when you win an award, it is judged by some of the best videographers in the country and raises the credibility of the awards.

Since we now have this system in place, we will be accepting entrees for this year's competition until Nov. 7th and then have our 2007 Awards Banquet on Jan. 2nd!

Danielle and Drew were both there for my awards and it was awesome seeing how our local association is really progressing and getting involved. Thanks 2007 Board - YOU ROCK!!!


2 Awards at WEVA 2007!


I won a Gold (Best of Category) Award for Wedding Post-Ceremony. I'll tell you something, they had some absolutely AMAZING videos from all over the world and the competition was incredible.  I am truly honored to be placed with some of these unbelievable videographers like:

Jason Magbanua Wedding Videography from the Phillipines

One Shot Production Co. from Hong Kong from Florida

Blue Skies Cinema from California

.... and the list goes on and on.

The other award I received was a Community Service Award for my work in Africa. I just have to say that I was fortunate enough to listen to the Lord's promptings to help these orphans and then receive divine guidance in the entire project. What a wonderful project in which to take part. Very humbling and fulfilling at the same time.

Danielle and Drew were there for the awards ceremony and I felt so proud to have them by my side. Wahoo!


Five Aurora Awards!


I just found out today that I won four Platinum "Best of Show" awards

and one Gold Award!

This is what their website says,

"A Meaningful Award...
The Aurora is hard to win, no question. We did that because the Aurora Award has to mean something! When you win an Aurora, the prestige and credibility factors for you are extremely high. For twelve years we have worked to establish that reputation.  Every year we hear from people who have won other "give away" competitions who didn't win an Aurora. Rest assured that Aurora judging is stringent.

The Aurora Awards are not a 'buy an award' video competition. When you win an Aurora, you know you've made something good.
Jason Gutz
TVW Special Projects Videographer, Olympia, Washington

It is critical in any film/video endeavor for clients to understand the quality of a product. The Aurora Awards are an important measure in how a film or video is judged by industry professionals."
John Arnold
President/Creative Director
Arnold & Associates, Alexandria Virginia"

This is really exciting because the Aurora Awards are really challenging to win -  a true achievement! This makes 18 awards so far this year. I have entered only one other contest which will be announced in Las Vegas in two weeks - WEVA. This is the pinnacle of awards for wedding videographers worldwide so winning anything at all will be incredible. I'll keep everyone up to date and wish me the best!

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