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The LDS Bride

Check out this cool little blog about LDS Temple Weddings and be sure and read Paige's story. Very touching!

I was featured today so if you want to let the world know what you think about my work.. be sure and leave feedback. You know how much my heart warms when you take the time to share the love. :)


Alarming trends in the wedding industry that will cost you money!


If you are a vendor in the wedding industry, come to an amazing event on Sept. 28, 2010 where you will learn what is going on in the wedding industry, amazing tips to take your business to the next level and so much more!

After speaking in Austin, Boston and in a few weeks Orlando - I'm finally presenting right here in Salt Lake City on Creating Connections that Book Weddings.

The lineup also includes Jonathan Canlas, Saundra Hadley, Tessa Woolf, Jen Campbell and Tara Thorp. Be sure and check out all the info here!.



See you in Boston!

Speaking next week in Boston. This is from the IN[FOCUS] website:

"In partnership with the NPVA, IN[FOCUS] is bringing you an all day “Summer Sizzler” to Boston on June 21st!

Come on down to Beantown and gather with the Triple Crown of EventDV 25 All Stars Adam Forgione, David Perry, and Matt Davis.

Also on hand to demonstrate their toys and give away fabulous prizes – Adobe, Panasonic, Sony, Anton Bauer, and more!

Seating is limited, and seats are cheap!  So click here to sign up today!"


I'm speaking on "Creating Connections that Book Weddings." I'll be going over how I approach weddings, establish client relations, network with other vendors, shoot and edit for emotional impact and much more... and it's going to be fun! And joining me is the absolutely amazing Adam Forgione and Matt Davis who will knock your socks off. I'm lucky to have been invited to speak because now I get to attend their presentations.

Hope to see you all there!


Africa is Life Changing

Just returned from Kenya, Africa with Amazing experience with 10.5 hours of footage to sift through (yikes!). Incredible team and beautiful people made the adventure so memorable. We even went on a few safaris and ran into a leopard, a pregnant lion, white rhinos and a few other creatures that would have loved to have eaten us :)

Thanks to Sue and Trenton for their interviews. The beautiful Kenyan girl is Maasai from the Masai Mara. The song she sings is in her native dialect, Maa.

Shot on Canon 5D MarkII, DP Slider, Glidecam 2000 Pro.


Fortress of Love... Heidi + Mark

The Draper temple seems to be a constant wind tunnel, which actually is great for video. Motion picture film studios pay for huge fans to be brought in to create this kind of look, but today it was free thanks to Mother Nature :).

Heidi and Mark were great to hang out with. They are so comfortable with each other and just really cool people. I love it when couples have a sense of humor about life and don't stress over the little things. I think that is key in having a successful marriage, which I'm sure this two will have.

Heidi wanted to keep the temple film more on the spiritual side with "I Love to See the Temple" being their soundtrack for this same day edit. It is amazing how much effort, sacrifice and determination goes into being sealed in the temple. It's a choice of staying focused on what matters most and living in a way that is an expression of service to your spouse, your future children and really all those around you. I love how the Draper temple looks like a fortress and I guess it actually is. A place to step away from one's concerns and busy life, to meditate and catch your breath while focusing on the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Great work you two and thanks for letting me come along for a wonderful day at the Draper Temple.


International Woman's Day at UN

Sharon Slater of asked me to grab some quick interviews at the UN and put together this intro to their presentation on Monday celebrating motherhood and International Women's Day.

Yes, that's my wife Danielle in the intro shots. (Thanks to Kate Benson of for the great images.)


30 Seconds at 2 AM

´╗┐Filming a wedding in one of California's oldest communities - San Luis Obispo. Our hotel sits on a cliff above the ocean, and the light reflecting off the incoming waves was so beautiful I had to capture some stills and a time lapse. I could listen to the ocean for hours - so powerful and so calming.

This shot took thirty seconds and a light to paint the rocks. Love how you can see endless stars in the sky.

Watch for the timelapse coming soon!


Audrey O'Brien from Studio Stems


I decided to blog more about my friends in the industry. Let me introduce you to Audrey.

Audrey is not only amazingly talented at floral design, but she is so kind and just a geniunely wonderful woman that cares about you.

With eleven years under her belt, you can count on Audrey to produce some breathtaking work - just look at those photos and you can tell why she travels the country teaching floral design. What you might not know is that Audrey writes for several bride blogs, both locally and nationally. What doesn't she do?

Trust Audrey for your special day.

I do.



Vintage Cars for Wedding & Family Photos

We had the privilege of working with Sam from Something Vintage Something Blue. He provides classy cars that really bring your wedding to the next level and his service is above and beyond.
This is a short video we put together for him with a few shots from my family at the end.
Contact Sam at 801.815.4871.


Michael Lucarelli performs "Classical Gas"

This song, as performed by Michael Lucarelli, is one of my all time favorite guitar pieces. After editing this song, I just kept humming it all day long.