The First Look

"The First Look" is when we record the first time the groom sees the bride in the wedding dress. I understand that tradition says you should wait until the wedding to see the bride in her dress, but did you know where that came from? It was from arranged marriages so the groom wouldn't back out once he saw the bride. I don't think that will be a problem here - ha ha.

If I were to pick one moment from my entire wedding that I would want recorded, it would be when I saw my wife, Danielle, for the first time in her wedding dress. It literally took my breath away. I couldn't believe that I was so dang lucky to be marrying her. Unfortunately I didn't have that recorded. I couldn't as I was in the temple. If I were to go back, I would have a pre wedding shoot where I could take the time to really enjoy that special moment. Believe me, on your wedding day you won't have time to slow down and enjoy the moment like you can at a pre wedding shoot. The day will be over before you know it. We see it time and time again - the couple is late coming out of the temple because the ceremony started late or it took so long to get the dress on, late getting to the luncheon because they had to wait at the temple stairs while other weddings took their pictures (this happens all the time!), late to the reception because family showed up late for the family pics. Yes, it happens. A lot!

Since you don't have control of everything on your wedding day you really don't know for sure how rushed you'll be. However, you can take control by having a pre wedding shoot, enjoying that special moment and taking stress of the actual wedding day because you will now have one less thing to do. That's smart and a lot more fun :)

This is Troy & Tammy's pre wedding shoot in San Diego, CA. This updated version has licensed music through Songfreedom:

Sister Hazel
"This Kind of Love"


Fun Wedding! Jared + Kelli


Candids and braids. Check out how a wedding can be one of the most enjoyable days of your life. Love it!!

Shout out to the most amazing Kate Benson from who is always a blast to have out on your wedding day :)

Colbie Calliat
"Brighter than the Sun"
Licensed through Song Freedom

Mindy Gledhill
Licensed through Triple Scoop Music


Rebekah Westover's Family Video

Rebekah Westover from Rebekah Westover Photography is a great friend + an incredibly talented photographer and it's been so much fun shooting together. Several years ago when she took our family photos at La Caille (a-ma-zing images below) we talked about putting together a family video for her and the time has come. Her dog Sisi has been with Rebekah for years and she wanted to capture some family time together. I like to capture candid shots with very minimal posing, so we just hung out at the park and filmed the experience as it normally would happen. I wish every family could have something like this to remember the good times in life. Hope you enjoy :)

Song is "Good Life (Clean Edit)" by One Republic
Music licensed through



Tony & Brittnie - Utah Wedding Fall Preshoot

Tony is so kind and sweet to Brittnie that I really wanted to incorporate those feelings into the video as well as focusing on the sacredness of the temple.

We did have fun with some creative shots as you can see a behind the scenes pic here:​photo.php?fbid=10150376579462088&set=at.10150376573512088.371447.765647087.690865732&type=1&theater

Shout out to Terra Cooper from Always great to be shooting with her :)


A sweet angel - Lila

A friend told me about a young couple who's child has been diagnosed with a rare disease (only 50 documented cases in the world) and asked me to capture some memories of their girl to remember her.

It was truly the highlight of my month. Spending time with this little angel was a breath of fresh air and even a spiritual experience. While shooting I had no idea what song I was going to use but I had these impressions come up like, "Shoot the stars in their window", "Shoot that painting on the wall." You have to read their blog about the real miracle at the shoot:

And this is more info on Linda's disease:

Music by my new favorite artist: Mindy Gledhill
"All About Your Heart"
Licensed through


Grant & Emily's Temple Film - Portland Wedding Video

Today was perfect and this is the temple film/same day edit that we showed tonight at the reception. The Portland temple has always been one of my all time favorites. I remember seeing it the first time and it literally took my breath away. Add two amazing families, a great photographer to work alongside (Cindy from, a church hymn and one adorable couple (you know their kids are going to be the cutest!) and this is what you get.... a video you can show at church on Sunday to help the youth see the value of temple marriage. Love it!


Jared Wortley's Art

Wow! Jared Wortley surprised me with this amazing picture. Just out of the blue for no reason except that he's such a cool guy. Love it! It really captures so much about my business. I'm speechless that he would do something like this for me. Be sure and check out his blog with more great work.

Thanks Jared!!!


Feeling discouraged? Watch this!


An Amazing Story from Veracity Film

Veracity Film explains the story at their blog.


Wedding Cake Delivery on a Scooter!

Carrie from is just too much fun! When I found out about this I just had to shoot it.

Thanks to La Caille for letting us film at their beautiful chateau.