Taelor & Cade's Same Day Edit Salt Lake Temple

Taelor & Cade are just perfect for each other plus their families are so much fun :) Cade surprised Taelor by writing and performing a song at their reception. This guy has some serious skills :) You might even know about his amazing company:
Perfect day for these two lovebirds and I'm thankful I got to join in the fun :)

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Drew Holcomb and the Neighbours: I like to be me when I'm with you 


McKale & Kurt's Pre Wedding Shoot + Same Day Edit


McKale & Kurt have this incredible light coming from them that it's just a pleasure to hang out with them. They are so positive and grateful for everything and everyone in their lives that it inspires me to be a better person. Today was so much fun, especially since Kristina Curtis from was there for the fun. She's just so great to have around the wedding day - super nice and also talented.

I am full of gratitude that I have been so blessed to capture one of the most important days in a bride and groom's life and I get to hang out with positive and happy people. I just eat it up :)


Chris & Steph's Pre Wedding Shoot

Chris and Steph have a really soft love that is perfectly surrounded with blossoms. This is the kind of video I love doing - very subtle yet powerful. It's all the little things that matter and a video shows the small smiles, tender hugs and little nuances that nothing else can share. These are the kinds of moments that you can't explain to your future children and they really need to see it to experience it... and they will :)


David & Samantha's Reception Film


David & Samantha held their reception at Wadley Farms, where it's so beautiful outside in the gardens. Outdoor receptions are always the best for candid shots as everyone is typically more comfortable outside with plenty of room to roam and it's always great to capture the sunset during that magic hour of golden light.


Annie + Brad's Same Day Edit // Orlando Temple

Brad and Annie are the coolest! I just love seeing two people over the top excited to get married and to have some fun in the process :).

Fun info from the wedding:
Annie sewed a heart on the back of Brad's tie, Brad gave Annie a surprise gift while we were filming the first look before they went in for their sealing, Annie gave Brad an "Ellie Pin" (grape soda pin from the movie "Up!") which is "the highest honor one can bestow." all the suits were purchased for the same price if they would have rented tuxedos, Brad and Annie have known each other for ten years, It was 93 degrees today, Brad and Annie were sealed by the temple president who is being released in a few weeks so this was his very last sealing as temple president, I got to attend the sealing :), lucky to work with the photographer Dallas Graham who has an incredible project you can check out at, Brad has Superman cuff links, and this video isn't the actual video. The real video is set to a different song and is longer but you have to come to the reception to see it ;).

I love being around happy people. I love filming happy people and I love watching videos about happy people. This video definitely qualifies for the happy category :).


Banff & Lake Louise, Canada

Was on vacation at one of my favorite spots in the world last week: Banff and Lake Louise! Lake Louise is a glacier lake in the Canadian Rockies that has suspended silt which relfects the light and creates an incredible aqua color. Just stunning! You have to make time for family :)


Family Time

I love making family movies. Capturing those simple, every day joys that make up eternity. Hope you are capturing you little moments as well :)

Westover Family from David Perry on Vimeo.

Bailey Family from David Perry on Vimeo.


Kaitlyn + Justin's Teaser // Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Kaitlyn + Justin // Teaser from David Perry on Vimeo.

Some of the craziest wind is at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in South Jordan (The city was originally named "Gale"). Take a look at Kaitlyn and Justin's Teaser to see why I absolutely love filming in the wind. I'm always looking for motion and movement and this is one of the biggest differences from photography.

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Jordan & Kevin's First Look // Salt Lake Temple

People ask me if I get burned out shooting weddings for the past 13 years.

It's just the opposite. That's what has kept me young.
How can you get tired of seeing the look on a couples face when they see each other for the first time in their wedding attire? It reaffirms that there is still hope, love and goodness in this crazy world of ours.

Bring it!

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McKenzi & McKay's First Look // This is the Place Park

This is what you call "smitten". Love it!

You'll notice the city shot near the end with a glass bridge in the background. McKay proposed by the bridge and she said yes :) He had his family on the bridge with umbrellas that once opened said "WILL U MARRY ME?" They were down below looking up.

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