Tim and Grace's Pre Wedding Shoot

OK, these two are just the most adorable couple. I want to just hug them! I love this video because it is full of love and light. (That's my family motto, "Love and Light")

If I ever feel a little down or overwhelmed I come and watch my videos on my blog and it makes me instantly happy to see couples like Tim and Grace full of joy and happiness. Life isn't easy and it's definitely not a bed of roses, but there are moments like this that make it all worth it!

My goal is to capture those moments so we can focus on these good times and be reminded that there is a Father in Heaven who loves us and we will feel this way (x's one million) when we are in His presence :).


Tyler & Natalie's Same Day Edit

The rain came but as we stuck through it, we captured some amazing shots. Life sure can be that way :). If you feel times are tough just know you are on the edge of blessings greater than you can imagine. Tyler and Natalie are two people that I sincerely admire and I'm so grateful to have been there on such a blessed day :). Congrats you two!!!


It's the "Liddle" Things in Life

Had so much fun with the Liddle family!

This is what Angela had to say about our shoot:

"'Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.'
This past year has been an absolutely a beautiful experience for myself and my little family. I'm not saying every day was perfect, but we found joy in the journey together. I wanted to celebrate and capture my family in a way that would help me always remember this beautiful stage in our lives. David Perrycaptured these moments perfectly, and I know we will treasure this video for many years to come. These 4 people I have in my life are all my best friends and I'm grateful that they are as much there for me as I am trying to be for them. Every day I am so grateful to have them in my life. Hope you enjoy a glimpse at some of our favorite things we love to do together. And remember to make every day lovely with those who are most important ."


DJ & Haley's Temple Film

Smiles all around and good times at the Salt Lake Temple. I just love DJ and Haley!!
You might have seen DJ's sister's video I did (Jacki Miller - ( and so you know that this family is fun! So lucky to have the world famous Abbey Kyhl from to hang with at the wedding. You really should follow her work!
Received a very kind email from Haley, " I just have to let you know, we absolutely loved working with you! You were just so down to earth and fun and easy to be with, so thank you for the awesome experience."
I love that she mentioned the word "experience" because my ultimate goal is not to capture the perfect image, but to ensure that you absolutely enjoy your wedding day. If that happens, I will get great shots and everybody's happy :)

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Moments Like This - The Afters


Kip & Hannah's Pre Shoot Teaser


Kip & Hannah wanted to film in the mountains as well as the temple for their pre shoot so we headed up above Sundance along the Alpine loop. Gorgeous day and these two are perfect for each other. Love the flowers and working with Kristina Curtis from was a dream as usual :)


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Taelor & Cade's Temple Film

Taelor & Cade are just perfect for each other plus their families are so much fun :) Cade surprised Taelor by writing and performing a song at their reception. This guy has some serious skills :) You might even know about his amazing company:
Perfect day for these two lovebirds and I'm thankful I got to join in the fun :)

Music licensed via
Drew Holcomb and the Neighbours: I like to be me when I'm with you 


McKale & Kurt's Pre Wedding Shoot + Same Day Edit


McKale & Kurt have this incredible light coming from them that it's just a pleasure to hang out with them. They are so positive and grateful for everything and everyone in their lives that it inspires me to be a better person. Today was so much fun, especially since Kristina Curtis from was there for the fun. She's just so great to have around the wedding day - super nice and also talented.

I am full of gratitude that I have been so blessed to capture one of the most important days in a bride and groom's life and I get to hang out with positive and happy people. I just eat it up :)


Chris & Steph's Pre Wedding Shoot

Chris and Steph have a really soft love that is perfectly surrounded with blossoms. This is the kind of video I love doing - very subtle yet powerful. It's all the little things that matter and a video shows the small smiles, tender hugs and little nuances that nothing else can share. These are the kinds of moments that you can't explain to your future children and they really need to see it to experience it... and they will :)


David & Samantha's Reception Film


David & Samantha held their reception at Wadley Farms, where it's so beautiful outside in the gardens. Outdoor receptions are always the best for candid shots as everyone is typically more comfortable outside with plenty of room to roam and it's always great to capture the sunset during that magic hour of golden light.


Alex & Kimi's Same Day Edit

What a fun family and look at that dress - just amazing! We were fortunate to get the fall temperatures before going into the crazy cold winter season. This is the same day edit we had playing at Alex and Kimi's reception that evening at the Gallivan Center (were I had my reception! :)

Why am I so lucky to be able to film happy people all the time? Does it rub off? You bet it does!